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Relax in tranquil surroundings, ‘far from the madding crowd.’ A cottage hidden away, in its own small valley.

Deer file past at the back of the Holiday Cottage; they pause cautiously to watch the visitors. Remain still when you see them. Who’s watching whom?

Look out for red, fallow and muntjac deer, greater spotted and green woodpeckers, sometimes waxwings in a sudden winter rush to gorge the red berries of the Mountain Ash; listen for the nightjars and the owls; watch the buzzards circling above. Commune with Mother Nature.

Self-Catering Cottage, Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

Outdoor table,chairs & canopy; play bowls, croquet, badminton, and other lawn games.

Lock-up storage stable contains freezer, spin-dryer, rotary washing line, outdoor games equipment, charcoal and BBQ equipment. With plenty of space for empty suitcases and valuable mountain bikes.

Enjoy vigorous, challenging exercise on the Chase: mountain bikes; cycling; orienteering; running; hiking and walking. Then rest in perfect surroundings and let the BBQ work its magic.

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